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St. Pete Black Business Expo



Inspired Growth by Sapheria Emani and Danisha's Sweet Creations has partnered together to host our first local community event. Our ultimate goal for The St. Pete Black Business Expo is to provide a platform for all business owners in our community to showcase their creativity and talent! Through the concepts of Empowering, Investing and Networking, we believe that as a collective , we can ALL help each other achieve our greatest dreams! 

Event Information:

When: Saturday, November 21,  2020 

Where: Lakevista Recreation Center 

Time: 1:00pm-6:00pm 


November 9, 2019


Please allow 2-5 days for us to review your application. If your application is approved, be aware that there will be a $50 vendors fee. This is only required AFTER approval of your application. Further instructions will be communicated  via email. 


Thank you for your interest in being apart of the St. Pete Black Business Expo! Please complete this form in all entirety.  

Vendors Benefits!

As a vendor you will be able to: 

Establish brand recognition

Display products and/or services

Empower others and Invest in your future! 

Build clientale and network with local community

For additional information pertaining to the application or event,  please feel free to reach out via email to:

Sapheria Emani: 


Danisha Witchard

Thanks for submitting! Check your email within 24 hours for your application confirmation. Please allow 2-5 days for us to review your application. We will communicate via email for all updates.

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