This shirt represents the 5 components of what we all may struggle through on a daily basis, and how we can remind ourselves to level up in all areas!

Embrace every step in your journey, you got this


Be the love that you exude and

understand that Love is univerSOUL.



Giving up should never be an option,

Your destination is waiting for you,

In the meantime, know that you are already successful



You are the SOUL provider for your happiness

Search within yourself of what brings you joy and

Don’t wait to happy, be happier NOW.


Mental Wealth

Knowledge of ones self is wealth, Its not material, meaning no one can take that from you. 

Know that your mind is a sacred place,

Protect it at all times;

Never give that part of yourself away.


Spiritual Guidance

You are never alone,

You're forever protected 


-From my heart to yours, Sapheria Emani



Level Up

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