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Triple R's For Progression

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

We all can agree that sometimes in life we feel as though “if there isn’t one thing, its another”. One may possibly feel that they are incapable of taking a swing at what life is throwing at them. Being blinded by the emotions of irritation, confusion, and stress, it becomes increasingly harder to have the ability of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. At this point there is no peace of mind. Without a peace of mind, how can one expect progression? In the face of difficulty, reflect, restore, and refocuson your ultimate destination.

The quickest way to put a disturbing event to rest, is to ask yourself “what have I learned from this?” When heavy weight pressure, and challenging situations arise, we must take a moment to reflect on the direction of the desired outcome. In other words, “what will you do to bounce back”? “Who is the person in the mirror”? The process of reflection consists of analyzing how it made you feel, noticing how it altered your actions, and developing a strategy to move forward. Have the strength and will power to take your situation into your own hands and prosper.

Once you have released all negative disturbances from around you, bring the charge of your own positive energy into your space, and apply it to your everyday walk of life. Take a moment to restore and search for your visions, and aspirations. Once found, never lose sight of it. Restore yourself with everything that helps you to fulfills your purpose.

In life, you are going to hit brick walls, but you are in control of the way you get back up. The power to refocus is beyond this world. When you are able to control your environment, and control your reaction to trying situations, you have grasped the notion of self-progression.

Reflect, Restore and Refocus; your destination is waiting for you.

As always, from my heart to yours

-Inspired Growth by Sapheria Emani

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This was a wonderful and inspiring read. I appreciate your much you pour yourself into helping others. This has helped me to bye strong in my trials.


Rosa McKenzie
Rosa McKenzie
Mar 28, 2020

You are inspiring' you are encouraging other to stay 💪 and never give up because there life is worth fighting for.Kept up the good work the 🌎 is listening.Love you.

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