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Love Forward

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Love is the virtue to all things possible. Love surrounds everything around us.

Love is univerSOUL .

From birth, it’s a natural instinct to love and attach to the unknown. When I speak of the unknown, I speak of the absence of a second thought of feeling an immediate comfort from another human being and connecting with your environment. Some have lost the true meaning of that feeling. Maybe from pain, a lost, or even through life altering trials.

Being able to reconnect with that emotion is something that we all fiend for at some point in our lives. Love is not easy, but it forces you to learn many aspects and capabilities about yourself that you may have never discovered. It’s an active emotion that craves our attention. Will you acknowledge, or will you ignore the vibrations of what is meant to be. It’s in the divine plan to hop on that rollercoaster with love.

You ever notice that when you are on a roller coaster and you have reached the high point and that thrill you get when you finally made it to the top. You are still expecting for that roller coaster to drop, but you seen it through and didn’t let the fear of dropping detour you from the adventure. You continued to move forward. Same thing with love, of course!

Don’t allow things, people, or situations to suppress you from that ability. Because when its all said and done love is the first emotion that will keep you moving forward. You must continue to Love forward.

When you first identify what love means to YOU, then it will show in everything that you do; it will touch everyone you come in contact with, it will allow you to fulfill your purpose and most importantly you will be the “love that you exude”. In this journey of yours always remember that love is you; you are love.

You owe it you yourself to love forward.

-Inspired Growth by Sapheria Emani

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