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Don't Give Up on Yourself!

We all know that life is not a walk in the park. We have our good days, and then our not so good days. Sometimes, we face challenges that makes us feel as if we will never break through. Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you have tried, that it just won’t come together for you? You ever got to a point where you FORCED yourself to be content in a situation that you knew was not getting you anywhere, but you stayed because you didn’t want to face another defeat? This form of action and thought process is simply called self-destruction.

Many times, we find ourselves being our own worst enemy. Its never intentional, but somehow, it’s never a mistake. Its easier to give up on yourself when you have tried to walk through cement that hasn’t yet formed into concrete. In other words, you allowed yourself to get stuck because you didn’t believe that your path would get smoother over time and you lacked dedication to your own success. Know that you are strong enough to build yourself to cross over any obstacle, before you decided to give up! Set the tone in your mind that failure of your personal well-being is NEVER an option!

We find ourselves constantly being a ray of sunshine for others by believing in their goals and pushing them to their full potential. It is time to let your own light shine through. In human form, you are your first lover. All goals that you set for yourself, fall in love with them and soak into all of your accomplishments. Clear your mind of everyone’s perception and fill it with YOUR vision. When your heart starts to beat the drum of anxiety, out of fear; control the rhythm by acknowledging your purpose.

I challenge you to make a vow to yourself.

- As always, from my heart to yours

Inspired Growth by Sapheria Emani

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